GeoDude – A Matlab aircraft design and analysis tool built onto the AVL and Panair solvers

Based on a piece of code written on a long flight between Europe and Australia, GeoDude has become a powerful tool to easily interface with the AVL and PANAIR solvers. The generation of the often complicated input files is fully automated and the user can concentrate on the actual design task.


  • Simple entry of wing geometries
  • Wing and aerofoil based bodies (flying wings) can be run in PANAIR fully automated without manual wake specifications
  • Control surfaces (AVL only at the moment)
  • Within the limitations of the respective solvers, cases can be run in both from the same geometry definition
  • Fuselage modelling for PANAIR
  • All parameters can be modified programmatically for numerical optimisation
  • Visualisation and comparison of the solver results
  • PANAIR surface pressure/velocity plot
  • Compare to wind tunnel results
  • Wind tunnel wall effects simulation
  • and more

GeoDude is currently being prepared for release under the GPL v3 license.

Stay tuned.

Geometry window

Visualisation of a PANAIR run

Geometry Definition

Coming soon.


Coming soon.