kVIS3 — Kai’s Data visualisation, analysis and management tool (3rd edition)

Inspired by the SIDPAC GUI by E.A. Morelli, kVIS3 has been developed over the years to become a fully featured application for experimental data analysis and management. It runs in Matlab.


  • present large amount of data in an accessible tree structure ( 4000+ data channels are routinely used by the author )
  • supports non-uniform sample rates between data groups
  • supports multiple data sets concurrently (WiP)
  • flexible plot axes framework to freely define desired layout and mixing of different plot types
  • data set trimming
  • marking of significant time points in the data with events
  • definition of quickly accessible custom plot layouts
  • export data as CSV or into the Matlab workspace
  • google map plot (requires API key) or open street map plot
  • data manipulation with filters and freely defined Matlab functions via context menus
  • Report generator
  • plug in architecture for custom extensions

kVIS3 is released under the GPL V3 license and is developed on Github.

Main window

Custom plot view showing events and data statistics



Use Cases